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Zvex Probe wah

Zvex Probe wah


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Vienilo a provare presso il nostro nuovo punto IN VIA CANDIA 88 ROMA.
This effect is a natural continuation of the probe series… the fuzz factory probe, the volume control/manual tremolo probe, and now a wah. It’s probably exactly what you think it is: a theremin-style antenna controlling a wah, getting brighter as your foot approaches. It has one extra feature, however. There’s a Super Hard-On boost circuit in front of the wah, with a knob to set the exact level of boost for driving your wah sound. It can be turned up high enough to make the wah crack up a little for that “something’s gonna blow” sound. It gets pretty darn loud!
Epica Music Center (Guitar Shop, Pedal Boutique, New Used; Vintage) Roma



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