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IBANEZ MBM2-BK chitarra elettrica @emc

IBANEZ MBM2-BK chitarra elettrica @emc


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Ibanez IBANEZ MBM2-BK chitarra elettrica, immacolata con custodia.

Ibanez MBM2 Matt Bachand Guitar
For 2009, Ibanez is proud to present the MBM2BK, the next stage in the Matt Bachand/Ibanez collaboration. This Black fnish beauty, with it’s menacing skull graphic and EMG pickups, is ready to take you to some fearsome musical realms.

“My main focus of my signature model was to obtain maximum tone with the flexibility to be applied to all styles of music. Stripping it down to the basics without all the extra knobs and switches helped me obtain that, as well as using quality materials to ithstand the punishing touring lifestyle. Razor tight rhythm tones and full bodied clean tones from the EMG pickups make it the ideal choice for a rock and metal guitar.” – Matt Bachand Shadows Fall

Arched top and 3-piece Maple MBM neck for supreme comfort.

Powerful EMG pickups for massive tone.

Massive Gibraltar Plus fixed bridge allows wide range of intonation adjustment needed for heavy strings.

Gotoh precision tuning machines.



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